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3D Morphable Face Models — Past, Present, and Future
3D Weaving With Curved Ribbons
A Conversational Agent Framework With Multi-modal Personality Expression
A Fitted Radiance and Attenuation Model for Realistic Atmospheres
A Generic Framework for Physical Light Transport
A Gradient-based Framework for 3D Print Appearance Optimization
A Mathematical Foundation for Foundation Paper Pieceable Quilts
A Momentum-conserving Implicit Material Point Method for Surface Tension With Contact Angles and Spatial Gradients
A Non-exponential Transmittance Model for Volumetric Scene Representations
A Perceptual Model for Eccentricity-dependent Spatio-temporal Flicker Fusion and Its Applications to Foveated Graphics
A Safe and Fast Repulsion Method for GPU-based Cloth Self Collisions
A Surface Multigrid via Intrinsic Prolongation
A Time-independent Deformer for Elastic Contacts
A Unified Second-order Accurate in Time MPM Formulation for Simulating Viscoelastic Liquids With Phase Change
ACORN: Adaptive Coordinate Networks for Neural Scene Representation
AgileGAN: Stylizing Portraits by Inversion-consistent Transfer Learning
AMP: Adversarial Motion Priors for Stylized Physics-based Character Control
An Inverse Method for the Exploration of Layered Material Appearance
An Unbiased Ray-marching Transmittance Estimator
Antithetic Sampling for Monte Carlo Differentiable Rendering
Authoring Consistent Landscapes With Flora and Fauna
Beyond Blur: Real-time Ventral Metamers for Foveated Rendering
Bijective and Coarse High-order Tetrahedral Meshes
Bistable Auxetic Surface Structures
Boundary-sampled Halfspaces: A New Representation for Constructive Solid Modeling
BRDF Importance Sampling for Polygonal Lights
Capturing Detailed Deformations of Moving Human Bodies
ChoreoMaster: Choreography-oriented Music-driven Dance Synthesis
Clebsch Gauge Fluid
Coarse-to-fine: Facial Structure Editing of Portrait Images via Latent Space Classifications
Codimensional Incremental Potential Contact
Computational Design of Weingarten Surfaces
Computational Inverse Design of Surface-based Inflatables
Computing Minimal Surfaces With Differential Forms
Consistent Depth of Moving Objects in Video
Constrained Projective Dynamics: Real-time Simulation of Deformable Objects With Energy-momentum Conservation
Constrained Willmore Surfaces
Control Strategies for Physically Simulated Characters Performing Two-player Competitive Sports
DAG Amendment for Inverse Control of Parametric Shapes
Deep Relightable Appearance Models for Animatable Faces
DeepFaceEditing: Deep Face Generation and Editing With Disentangled Geometry and Appearance Control
DeepFormableTag: End-to-end Generation and Recognition of Deformable Fiducial Markers
Designing Actuation Systems for Animatronic Figures via Globally Optimal Discrete Search
Designing an Encoder for StyleGAN Image Manipulation
DiffAqua: A Differentiable Computational Design Pipeline for Soft Underwater Swimmers with Shape Interpolation
Differentiable Compound Optics and Processing Pipeline Optimization for End-to-end Camera Design
Direct Delta Mush Skinning Compression With Continuous Examples
Dirty Pixels: Towards End-to-end Image Processing and Perception
Discovering Diverse Athletic Jumping Strategies
Discrete Conformal Equivalence of Polyhedral Surfaces
Displaced Signed Distance Fields for Additive Manufacturing
Driving-signal Aware Full-body Avatars
Dynamic Closest Color Warping to Sort and Compare Palettes
Dynamic Upsampling of Smoke Through Dictionary-based Learning
Editable Free-viewpoint Video using a Layered Neural Representation
Eliminating Topological Errors in Neural Network Rotation Estimation Using Self-selecting Ensembles
End-to-end Complex Lens Design With Differentiable Ray Tracing
Endless Loops: Detecting and Animating Periodic Patterns in Still Images
Fast Diffraction Pathfinding for Dynamic Sound Propagation
Fast Linking Numbers for Topology Verification of Loopy Structures
Fast Median Filters Using Separable Sorting Networks
Fast Quasi-harmonic Weights for Geometric Data Interpolation
Fire in Paradise: Mesoscale Simulation of Wildfires
Foldover-free Maps in 50 Lines of Code
FovVideoVDP: A Visible Difference Predictor for Wide Field-of-view Video
Free-form Scanning of Non-planar Appearance With Neural Trace Photography
Frictional Contact on Smooth Elastic Solids
Fusion 360 Gallery: A Dataset and Environment for Programmatic CAD Construction From Human Design Sequences
General Virtual Sketching Framework for Vector Line Art
Geometry and Tool Motion Planning for Curvature Adapted CNC Machining
GPU Accelerated Path Tracing of Massive Scenes
GPU-based Simulation of Cloth Wrinkles at Submillimeter Levels
Guaranteed Globally Injective 3D Deformation Processing
Guaranteed-Quality Higher-Order Triangular Meshing of 2D Domains
Hierarchical Neural Reconstruction for Path Guiding Using Hybrid Path and Photon Samples
High-order Differentiable Autoencoder for Nonlinear Model Reduction
Highlight-aware Two-stream Network for Single-image SVBRDF Acquisition
HodgeNet: Learning Spectral Geometry on Triangle Meshes
Imaging With Local Speckle Intensity Correlations: Theory and Practice
Incompressible Flow Simulation on Vortex Segment Clouds
Interactive Modelling of Volumetric Musculoskeletal Anatomy
Interactive Monte Carlo Denoising Using Affinity of Neural Features
Intersection-free Rigid Body Dynamics
Iterative Text-based Editing of Talking-heads Using Neural Retargeting
Kelvin Transformations for Simulations on Infinite Domains
Knit Sketching: from Cut and Sew Patterns to Machine-Knit Garments
KnitKit: A Flexible System for Machine Knitting of Customizable Textiles
Knitting 4D Garments With Elasticity Controlled for Body Motion
Learning a Family of Motor Skills From a Single Motion Clip
Learning Active Quasistatic Physics-based Models From Data
Learning an Animatable Detailed 3D Face Model From In-the-wild Images
Learning Contact Corrections for Handle-based Subspace Dynamics
Learning Meaningful Controls for Fluids
Learning Multimodal Affinities for Textual Editing in Images
Learning Skeletal Articulations With Neural Blend Shapes
Learning Time-critical Responses for Interactive Character Control
Low-cost SPAD Sensing for Non-line-of-sight Tracking, Material Classification, and Depth Imaging
ManipNet: Neural Manipulation Synthesis With a Hand-object Spatial Representation
Mechanics-aware Deformation of Yarn Pattern Geometry
Medial IPC: Accelerated Incremental Potential Contact With Medial Elastics
Mid-air Drawing of Curves on 3D Surfaces in Virtual Reality
Mixture of Volumetric Primitives for Efficient Neural Rendering
MoCap-Solver: A Neural Solver for Optical Motion Capture Data
MOCCA: Modeling and Optimizing Cone-joints for Complex Assemblies
Modeling and Fabrication With Specified Discrete Equivalence Classes
Modeling of Personalized Anatomy Using Plastic Strains
Monte Carlo Estimators for Differential Light Transport
Multiscale Cholesky Preconditioning for Ill-conditioned Problems
NeuMIP: Multi-resolution Neural Materials
Neural Animation Layering for Synthesizing Martial Arts Movements
Neural Complex Luminaires: Representation and Rendering
Neural Light Transport for Relighting and View Synthesis
Neural Monocular 3D Human Motion Capture With Physical Awareness
Neural Scene Graph Rendering
Only a Matter of Style: Age Transformation Using a Style-based Regression Model
Optimized Refinement for Spatially Adaptive SPH
Optimizing Dyadic Nets
Optimizing UI Layouts for Deformable Face-rig Manipulation
Orienting Point Clouds With Dipole Propagation
PanoMan: Sparse Localized Components Based Model for Full Human Motions
Pareto Gamuts: Exploring Optimal Designs Across Varying Contexts
Path Replay Backpropagation: Differentiating Light Paths Using Constant Memory and Linear Time
Path-space Differentiable Rendering of Participating Media
PH-CPF: Planar Hexagonal Meshing Using Coordinate Power Fields
PhotoApp: Photorealistic Appearance Editing of Head Portraits
Physical Validation of Simulators in Computer Graphics: A New Framework Dedicated to Slender Elastic Structures and Frictional Contact
Primary-space Adaptive Control Variates Using Piecewise-polynomial Approximations
QuanTaichi: A Compiler for Quantized Simulations
Real-time 3D Neural Facial Animation From Binocular Video
Real-time Deep Dynamic Characters
Real-time Global Illumination Decomposition of Videos
Real-time Locally Injective Volumetric Deformation
Real-time Neural Radiance Caching for Path Tracing
Recurrent Video Deblurring With Blur-invariant Motion Estimation and Pixel Volumes
Reliable Feature-line Driven Quad-remeshing
Revisiting Integration in the Material Point Method: A Scheme for Easier Separation and Less Dissipation
ROSEFusion: Random Optimization for Online Dense Reconstruction Under Fast Camera Motion
RXMesh: A GPU Mesh Data Structure
SANM: A Symbolic Asymptotic Numerical Solver With Applications in Mesh Deformation
Scalable Image-based Indoor Scene Rendering With Reflections
Seamless Manga Inpainting With Semantics Awareness
Selective Region-based Photo Color Adjustment for Graphic Designs
Self-similar Fractal Drawings Inspired by M.C. Escher's Print Square Limit
ShapeMOD: Macro Operation Discovery for 3D Shape Programs
SIERE: A Hybrid Semi-implicit Exponential Integrator for Efficiently Simulating Stiff Deformable Objects
Single Depth View Based Real-time Reconstruction of Hand-object Interactions
Solid-fluid Interaction With Surface-tension-dominant Contact
SP-GAN: Sphere-guided 3D Shape Generation and Manipulation
Stream-guided Smoke Simulations
StrokeStrip: Joint Parameterization and Fitting of Stroke Clusters
StyleCariGAN: Caricature Generation via StyleGAN Feature Map Modulation
StyleFlow: Attribute-conditioned Exploration of StyleGAN-generated Images Using Conditional Continuous Normalizing Flows
SWAGAN: A Style-based Wavelet-driven Generative Model
Swept Volumes via Spacetime Numerical Continuation
Systematically Differentiating Parametric Discontinuities
Temporally Adaptive Shading Reuse for Real-time Rendering and Virtual Reality
Thallo - Scheduling for High-performance Large-scale Non-linear Least-squares Solvers
The Design Space of Plane Elastic Curves
The Effect of Shape and Illumination on Material Perception: Model and Applications
The Shape Matching Element Method: Direct Animation of Curved Surface Models
Thin-film Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Fluid
Total Relighting: Learning to Relight Portraits for Background Replacement
Tracing Versus Freehand for Evaluating Computer-Generated Drawings
Transfer Matrix Based Layered Materials Rendering
TransPose: Real-time 3D Human Translation and Pose Estimation With Six Inertial Sensors
TryOnGAN: Body-aware Try-on via Layered Interpolation
Unconventional Patterns on Surfaces
Unified Particle System for Multiple-fluid Flow and Porous Material
Unsupervised Learning for Cuboid Shape Abstraction via Joint Segmentation From Point Clouds
Using Isometries for Computational Design and Fabrication
Vectorization for Fast, Analytic, and Differentiable Visibility
Vid2Player: Controllable Video Sprites That Behave and Appear Like Professional Tennis Players
Video Recoloring via Spatial-temporal Geometric Palettes
Volumetric Appearance Stylization With Stylizing Kernel Prediction Network
Weakly Supervised Contrastive Learning in Path Manifold for Monte Carlo Image Reconstruction
WireRoom: Model-guided Explorative Design of Abstract Wire Art
WRAPD: Weighted Rotation-aware ADMM for Parameterization and Deformation