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Bad Mother / Good Mother: The Poetics and Politics of the Sounds of Invisible Labor
"Can the Subaltern Speak?": Feminism in Robotic Mask Design
Cangjie's Poetry: An Interactive Art Experience of A Semantic Human-Machine Reality
"drop": An Interactive Art Installation with Water Drop Projection-Mapping
Imaginary Stroke Movement Measurement and Visualization
Instruments of Vision: Eye Tracking and Robotics as an Embodied Interface
Jan van Eyck's Perspectival System Elucidated Through Computer Vision
Making Up 3D Bodies: Artistic and Serendipitous Modeling of Digital Human Figures
Mimicry: Genetic-Algorithm-Based Real-Time System of Virtual Insects in a Living Environment - A New and Altered Nature
Ming Shan Digital Experience: Immersive Technology for Traditional Taoist Meditation
ReMember: Using Biosignals to Recall Memories of Companion Animals
Reversal, Disconnect, and Proposition: Noise and Data Politics in the work of Julian Oliver and Trevor Paglen
Spinning the Conductive Threads of an Indigenous Tradition. Toward a Continuity Between the Traditional Andean Fabric and the New Electronic Technologies
"The Woods": A Mixed Reality Two-Player Cooperative Game