Geometry Processing With Intrinsic Triangulations
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TimeMonday, 9 August 20212pm - 2:30pm PDT
DescriptionThis course provides an introduction to intrinsic triangulations, motivated by problems in robust geometry processing. Content covers essential mathematical background, state-of-the-art data structures and algorithms, and includes a hands-on coding demo. Topics include mesh parameterization, vector field processing, geodesics, PDEs on surfaces, and more.
Prerequisites Participants should have some basic familiarity with mesh processing but otherwise require no prior knowledge. After leaving this course, participants should be well-prepared to apply intrinsic triangulations to practical problems in computer graphics and to contribute new ideas to this emerging area of research.
Intended Audience The course is aimed at researchers and practitioners in computer graphics and geometry processing, as well as anyone who needs to work with three-dimensional mesh data. It assumes only a basic background in mesh processing, as would be seen in an introductory computer graphics course. Participants familiar with any kind of standard mesh data structure should have no trouble following the rest of the course. An understanding of matrices and basic linear algebra also is helpful for the discussion of applications. Coding examples will be carried out in Javascript, but we will not use special features of this language. Familiarity with any programming language is sufficient.