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Industry leaders demonstrate breakthroughs in visual effects, animation, VR/AR/MR, games, themed entertainment, architecture, scientific visualization, and platforms we haven’t yet considered.

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The Production Sessions program is looking for stories demonstrating the state of the art in the computer graphics industry. From visual effects to animation and beyond, these sessions should present a macro view of a project, which educates and excites a wide range of SIGGRAPH attendees.

Production Sessions are consistently one of the most engaging and inspirational ways for studios of all sizes to showcase their best work. These sessions give our contributors a chance to highlight their unique pathways to success by shining a light on the challenges and shortcomings faced along the production process.

Note: Submissions for Production Sessions are currently closed.

How to Submit

SIGGRAPH 2021 will move forward at this time as a virtual-only event. We look forward to celebrating 48 years of advancements in computer graphics and interactive techniques in our virtual venue. We are excited you are submitting your work for consideration. As we finalize our conference plans, visit the About the Conference page for the latest updates.


Production Sessions can cover a broad range of topics. We aim to design sessions that provide high-level, behind-the-scenes discussion describing the methods of production for a project.

Consider some of these topics: a retrospective discussion, challenges in techniques and pipeline, client and cross-studio interaction, or a significant milestone/project for the company. Please note, for SIGGRAPH 2021, the Production Sessions jury is interested in submissions that celebrate success but more importantly discuss what you’ve learned from the challenges and trials faced along the way. We believe the community can only benefit from candid discussions, ones that address the lessons learned from shortcomings which culminate in successful solutions. These kinds of discussions show the true character of a production and provide an honest look at the state of the industry.

Submission Details

Log into the submission portal, select “Make a New Submission” tab, then select the Production Session form. For more information, view the Sample Submission Form.

You will be asked to provide:

Production Session Description

A good description serves as an overview of your submission, provides background information, and highlights what your proposed speakers may share. When preparing your session description, consider including information relating to the what, why, and how of your project.

We understand that some session details are sensitive, based on the late-breaking content you hope to share at SIGGRAPH 2021. If this is the case, please make special note and contact the Production Sessions Chair.

Panelist Information

Please submit the appropriate professional information about your proposed speaker list. We suggest no fewer than two and no more than six panelists, with five speakers being the optimal panel size.

A Representative Image

Please include an image that illustrates the nature of your project. It is recommended that the ratio of these be 3 x 2 in landscape and at least 1,500 x 1,000 pixel resolution. If accepted, this image will be used for various public-facing promotional materials.

Supplementary Materials

Optional. You may choose to include a short demo reel, additional images, or other pertinent materials that may augment your submission.

ACM Rights Management Form

Permission upon submission: The permissions (also known as the ACM Rights Management form) required to show your sensitive content at SIGGRAPH is always a challenge. For SIGGRAPH 2021, we have implemented a system of permission upon submission to streamline this process. In other words, your submission to the SIGGRAPH submission portal will not be considered complete until you or your team has returned the permissions form to ACM, SIGGRAPH’s parent organization.

In addition to granting permission for your content to be shown at the SIGGRAPH conference, the form gives you, as the submitter, the option to grant or deny ACM permission to do the following:

  • Record your Production Session presentation.
  • Livestream your Production Session presentation during the conference.
  • Distribute the recording of your Production Session presentation after the conference.

If you have questions about any of these options, please contact Stephen Spencer, ACM SIGGRAPH Publications Committee Chair.

The form also asks for permission to use your submission’s representative image(s), video, and text for conference promotions. If accepted to the Production Sessions program, the SIGGRAPH marketing team will pull the images and text directly from stage two of your submission form.

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Additional Opportunities

Production Gallery

If the virtual platform allows, SIGGRAPH 2021 would like to enhance the conference experience with the inclusion of the virtual Production Gallery. This supplemental offering accompanies the Production Sessions content with a unique digital exhibition of authentic production artifacts, development materials, costumes, and more.

Historically, the Production Gallery has featured live painting demonstrations, meet and greets, signings, and other special events. These moments are a wonderful opportunity for our attendees to interface with industry leaders and icons. We are exploring ways to incorporate many of these value-added experiences into the virtual format. We would love to see directors, directors of photography, creative executives, or actors connecting with our attendees in new and exciting ways. Artistic demonstrations, intimate chats, and signings are a real treat for our community. If we can dream it, let’s make it happen.


These shorter format presentations (15-30 minutes) are a great way to feature specific techniques or components of a production. Contributors will take a deep dive into their novel workflows for solving modern and specific production challenges and discussing how they were able to produce exceptional results. The content is generally focused on a narrower scope than that of a complete Production Session. These presentations can be executed as either a pre-recorded video or live webinar and SIGGRAPH can host a Q&A session for either format, if requested.

Production Sessions Roundtable Discussion

New for SIGGRAPH 2021 is a unique roundtable discussion session. The panel will be made up of a representative from each accepted Production Session, with the goal of having candid conversations about the state of technology, industry trends, and insight into solving the current challenges of production and beyond.

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A diverse panel of carefully selected high-level professionals review content submitted to Production Sessions. Jurors are asked to evaluate your submission using five criteria: quality of VFX/computer graphics, quality of production, interest, novelty, and diversity.

SIGGRAPH staff and jurors treat your submission with absolute discretion.

Quality of VFX/Computer Graphics

How exceptional are the ideas, aesthetics, etc., presented in this submission? This is how we rate the visual quality of the project.

Quality of Production

How well do the computer graphics integrate with the project? Do they add to or detract from the viewing experience? What is the overall quality of the production?


What is the likelihood of interest for conference attendees? Will they want to see this? Will it inspire them? This is partly a measure of how broad the potential audience is.


How fresh is this work? Is it a new, groundbreaking technique, a new approach to an old problem, or is it an existing method with a slightly new twist?


Is there increased diversity, equity, or inclusion in terms of content and panelists?

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Upon Acceptance

Results of your submission will be announced late April 2021.

After acceptance, “stage two” in the SIGGRAPH submission portal will allow you to update information about your session and upload any final materials for inclusion in the conference program and website.

If your Production Session is accepted, you must:

  • Update your submission information, including the final panelist names, affiliation, and emails (unique emails per panelist are required).
  • Prepare a one-hour, pre-recorded video (details of specifications will be available upon acceptance). Additional information will be provided following acceptance.
  • Present your work during SIGGRAPH 2021.

Presenter Recognition

Production Sessions require a valid registration for all panelists participating in the conference. At least one panelist per Production Session is required to be registered at the Ultimate Level, and the remaining panelists can register at the level of their choice.

You can find a link to the contributor recognition policy here.


The time of your Production Session will be posted on the SIGGRAPH 2021 website well in advance of the conference. Panelists are expected to participate when scheduled. Special schedule requests cannot be accommodated. Mandatory technical rehearsals also will be scheduled.

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23 February 2021, 22:00 UTC/GMT
Submission form deadline.

Late April 2021
Acceptance or rejection notices are sent to all submitters.

14 May 2021
Deadline to make any changes to materials (i.e., approved title changes, presenter names, descriptions) for publication on the website.

Summer 2021

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