Jungdam Won is a research scientist in Facebook AI Research (FAIR) Pittsburgh led by prof. Jessica K. Hodgins. Before he moved to FAIR, he was in Movement Research Lab. at Seoul National Univ. as a postdoctoral researcher under the supervision of Prof. Jehee Lee. He was awarded the global Google Ph.D. Fellowship program in Robotics, and worked at Disney Research Los Angeles during his Ph.D. program. For academic services, he has served as a committee member in several international conferences, e.g., program and course committee for ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, program committee for Eurographics, Pacific Graphics, Motion Interaction and Games, and IEEE AIVR. He also has worked as a reviewer for various conferences and journals such as SIGGRAPH / SIGGRAPH Asia (ACM TOG), Eurographics (CGF), IEEE TVCG. His current areas of research are motor controls for humanoids and diverse virtual/physical robots, and understating interactions between multiple agents, and modeling effective communication methods between people and robots, where motion capture, optimization, and various machine learning approaches have been applied.
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