Florent Sanglard
I am Florent Sanglard, a 23 years old FX artist, recent alumni from Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistique in Montpellier. Once graduated, I joined Untold Studio for 6 months and I am now a part of MPC episodic for a new experience. I have discovered 3D animation and VFX after studying architecture, during a preparatory year at the University. Since then I’ve been passionate about it and especially by special effects as it is the perfect blend between art and maths/physics. I've had a real pleasure to work alongside 6 other classmates to achieve Stranded. We wanted to create an entertaining short film with a strong technical aspect while keeping a powerful aesthetic. We've been greatly inspired by the romanticism paintings where nature is depicted as both magnificent and terrifying. It was a challenging project and a great experience for each of us.
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