Kevin Vanderjagt
Kevin VanderJagt joined the Blizzard Animation team in 2015 as Senior Producer on Blizzard Animation’s first venture into episodic, short-form narrative with the Overwatch Animated Shorts. Awarded Gold in the 2017 Clio Entertainment Awards for creative content in scripted film, the Overwatch shorts represented an entirely new approach to trans-media storytelling with Blizzard Animation being one of the very first studios to utilize the GPU based ray-tracing renderer Redshift, which allowed for rich, high quality content to be created much more efficiently than traditional pre-render workflows. From Recall to Zero Hour, Kevin oversaw production on over 84 minutes of Overwatch content. Recently Kevin has also begun producing cinematics with the World of Warcraft team, debuting with the launch cinematic for Shadowlands’ Beyond the Veil; a return to his roots in high end, photo-real VFX from his time working on live-action franchises such as Transformers, Fast and the Furious and X-Men.
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