Cezary Albiński
The short film was directed by Cezary Albiński, who created it in his spare time between commercial projects for Platige Image. 3D animation became his tool of expression and the poem by Julian Tuwim—the foundation for a unique visual metaphor. Currently, Cezary is Head of CG at Platige Commercials. He is also
known for his work as Project Lead on Apex Legends, an animated series exploring the universe of the video game of the same name. Cezary started his career after graduating from Warsaw School of Computer Science and the University of Hertfordshire. He worked for Max Weber, Odeon, Orka, Yakumama, and also for the London-based Glassworks. He held the position of composer and art director, worked with motion capture, lighting and rendering, and showed prowess as Lighting & Rendering Artist.
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