Ajide Jide
Jide Ajide is a filmmaker from Vancouver, BC. He recently earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Production from Full Sail University.
Jide is passionate about film and education and uses his knowledge and experience in both to inspire and educate people.
He worked as the Director of Photography with a camera team seven members strong on his class’ thesis film project D20 – a horror comedy about the consequences of messing with the game master in a game of Dungeon and Dragons. The film was shot on the Sony F65 camera. His appreciation for color and light gave him a chance to express himself and find an aesthetic that was pleasing to the director of the project.
He edited projects including Worship Session (a comedy about an out-of-context interpreter), How To Show Someone Pepper (a comedy about clones being literal about idioms) and the trailer
for D20. As a VFX artist he has created visual effects for the short thriller Slow Kill (a film about brainwashing induced by the government).
He wrote and directed a comedy stop motion animation called The Secret Life of Action Figures which sheds light on the life of action figures when people leave their homes.
His love for working with actors led him to direct short films including the horror short Thin Walls which is a film about death personified coming to take the life of an elderly man. He also
wrote and directed the action comedy short Catch and Release – a film about newlyweds working for different spy agencies, hired to take out one another.
Upon graduation, Jide was the recipient of the Course Director Award for Directing Talent and for Business of Film.
During his time at Full Sail University, he was invited ‘as a distinguished member of Full Sail’s student body for outstanding professional behavior’ to special Green Room events including one with Christopher “play” Martin and another with David Burton of the Armstrong White computer animation studio.
Jide plans to collaborate with other filmmakers around the world in telling original stories that inspire people.
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