I have some basic knowledge of human perception and I am interested in the application of perception-inspired models to improve computation efficiency, enhance image quality, or just to simulate properly certain aspects of human vision. My recent research focuses on perceptual aspects of display technology, including light-field signal processing to reduce the gap between perception of the real-world and displayed scenes, as well as building simple VR/AR display prototypes that support the eye accommodation. I am interested in various aspects of disparity manipulation in stereovision, modeling the eye vergence, foveated techniques, including modeling of eye saccades and smooth pursuit eye motion. I considered also high-refresh rate displays to introduce various temporal techniques to change film appearance (inducing soap-opera look etc.) or to increase apparent image resolution. Appearance modeling of fabricated objects I consider as one more aspect of realistic display. I am interested in HDR imaging, in particular lossy HDR video and image compression, forward and inverse tone mapping, image quality metrics suitable for HDR, HDR display and projection technology, and image-based lighting.

I was involved in some projects on color2grey conversion, apparent contrast enhancement and manipulation, modeling of lightness perception, visual attention, luminance adaptation processes, spatial and temporal aspects of vision, and glare effects. In many projects I referred to psychophysical experiments with human subjects or simply performed user studies. My earlier research interests were in realistic image synthesis. Apart from hardcore radiosity and Monte Carlo methods I have some experience in experimental validation of lighting simulation accuracy, image warping and interpolation, exploitation of temporal coherence in rendering, spatio-temporal filtering, motion blur modeling, image and video quality evaluation, perception-driven rendering, streaming of rendered video sequences (MPEG), layered media modeling such as pearlescent and metallic paint.
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