Andres Aguilar
ANDRES AGUILAR, aka ichi, DIRECTOR AND PARTNER IN MATTE CG. He is a visual communicator, 3D artist and cultural manager in the area of comics and animation in Ecuador. He has a long trajectory in animation for advertising, producing more than 500 projects. For the last 5 years he has led the content team at MATTE achieving great results. He is co-director and producer of AFTERWORK, the most successful Ecuadorian animation short film in recent years. His work has been selected in more than 90 festivals such as ANNECY and won BEST IN SHOW at SIGGRPAH ASIA 2017. He is currently involved in several animation projects in Latin America such as the animated feature films "El Libro Rojo de Dalia" and "Vigilados"; he is part of the board of the Animators Guild of Ecuador; in 2020 he ventured into new narratives with the VR experience "Once Upon a time in Ekuar" ; and he is currently directing the third MATTE short film: Lucky's Brave Sunshine and is producing the short film "El extraño caso del Hombre Bala".
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