Louise Hisayasu
Louise M. Hisayasu (she/her) is an independent researcher and project coordinator based in Berlin, Germany. Currently, her work on The Glass Room is centred around promoting critical media literacy through art, creativity and education. Her postgraduate research drew connections between collective memory, digital technologies and Indigenous protagonism in Brazil, studying the movement through the lens of technology, media and culture production. The research mapped early digital inclusion and digital literacy programmes, as well as Indigenous-led art and digital culture projects to understand Indigenous peoples dynamic relationship to digital culture production and technology more broadly. Her work is primarily interested in understanding memory as being both individual and collective, simultaneously intangible and immortalized in things, and as being woven inter-generationally. Her personal research practice, Arquivo Tadaima which speculatively archives and collects objects and stories from the Japanese-Brazilian diaspora puts her own (hi)story and heritage in focus.
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