Tetsuya Ohashi
Born in 1988. After the graduation from Hitotsubashi University (Sociology), he worked at
motorcycle manufacturer as a business development director for 3 years. At that time, he
was in charge of domestic sales and oversea sales for South American countries.
From 2015, he started to work at Pacific Voice Inc, a film production company in Tokyo, as a
business director. The company also operates “Short Shorts Film Festival & ASIA”, the
largest short film festival in Japan.
From 2019, he started his own company “CinemaLeap Inc.”. The company creates short
films and VR films. He joined “Biennale College Cinema - Virtual Reality 2019” as a assistant
producer of VR animation “Feather”. “Feather” is premiered at the
76th Venice International Film Festival, and screened at Busan International Film Festival,
Geneva International Film Festival, and Gangneung International Film Festival.
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