Wolfgang Heidrich has been a Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Visual Computing Center at KAUST since 2014. Previously, he was an Associate Professor (2004-2010), Dolby Research Chair (2008-2013) and a Full Professor (2010-2018) at University of British Columbia

His core research interests are in computational imaging and display, an emerging research area within visual computing, which combines methods from computer graphics, machine vision, imaging, inverse methods, optics and perception to develop new sensing and display technologies. Computational imaging is the hardware-software co-design of imaging devices, which aims to optically encode information about the real world in such a way that it can be captured by image sensors. The resulting images represent detailed information such as scene geometry, motion of solids and liquids, multi-spectral information, or high contrast (high dynamic range), which can then be computationally decoded using inverse methods, machine learning, and numerical optimization. Wolfgang is neither particularly interested nor particularly knowledgeable in deep learning, and would prefer not to be assigned papers on this topic.
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