Digital Arts: Digital Power - Intersectional Resistance, Advocacy, and Activism in International Feminist Techno-Decolonial Art
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Diversity Equity & Inclusion
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TimeFriday, 13 August 20219:30am - 11am PDT
DescriptionIntersectional Resistance, Advocacy, and Activism in International Feminist Techno-Decolonial Art

Colonialism refers to the materialization of the irrational concept of expanding european exceptionalism through the invasion, enslavement, and exploitation of Indigenous lands and peoples around the world from the 16th century onward. Coloniality refers to the colonial ideals, concepts, formats, and organizations which, like the undead, continue to eat at our brains and abilities by limiting our perception through binary and hierarchical thinking. The propagation and production of decontextualized knowledge continues to ignore that there have always been other ways of doing, thinking, valuing, and even being. Decoloniality may sound like something new due to this decontextualization. Yet, decolonial consciousness and praxis has been a true art form for surviving and resisting white supremacy and eurocentrism for over 520 years and beyond! In this encore panel talk to the Digital Power online exhibition , selected artists will give 3-5 minute talks on how their artwork is influenced by decoloniality, what this means, and how in many ways decoloniality can come as second nature particularly to those who personally know the burden of coloniality and its effects on the world. Discussion to follow.