Live From the Metaverse: Virtual XR Performances for Audiences On-stage, Online, In-game, and In-VR
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Virtual Reality
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TimeWednesday, 11 August 20214pm - 6pm PDT
DescriptionIn this session, Athomas Goldberg, Brett Ineson, and the crew at Shocap Entertainment and Animatrik Film Design, along with Samuel Tetreault — co-artistic director of renowned circus arts collective, The 7 Fingers — discuss the technical and creative challenges and opportunities of creating live theatrical events that can be simultaneously presented on stage in front of a live audience, online as a cinematic livestream, and in-game or in-VR, as a fully interactive, immersive experience.

We provide an in-depth look at our current work in progress, Project: LiViCi with The 7 Fingers, and how we’re using the Unreal Engine and performance-capture technology to combine death-defying acrobatics with real-time cinematic imagery in the creation of heart-stopping visual poetry in motion. We share our plans for the upcoming LiViCi Concert Series bringing live musicians and circus performers together on the digital stage, and our vision for “Unfinished: A Ghost Story,” an original theatrical production which will begin touring in 2023.

We also take a look at how XR technology can do more than just provide a digital backdrop for live concerts. It can be used to create an atmosphere and sense of place for a singer and their audience and help the songs and music tell their story. We deep dive into the production of “Jill Barber: Live from the Palomar Supper Club,” where we virtually re-created a historic Vancouver nightclub from the 1950s and brought the ghosts of Vancouver’s jazz age to life for this one-night-only film-noir-inspired event.