Real Time Developer
Distillery VFX
Vancouver, BC
Event Type
Job Posting
TimeMonday, 9 August 20217am - 8am PDT

As Distillery’s primary Real-Time developer, you will drive how we leverage Unreal Engine to provide artists the power and flexibility to generate beautiful real-time imagery, as well as provide clients with robust and fluid review capabilities to drive the creative vision.


Act as technical lead on Distillery’s version of Unreal Engine

Oversee the development of the tools within Unreal and the general Unreal pipeline

Develop controls and interfaces to accelerate artist workflows

Develop controls and interfaces to empower creative review and feedback

Work cross-functionally with other departments to ensure parity between DCC packages and Unreal. Profile and optimize scenes to meet project requirements

Develop shaders, tools, particle systems, and modules for the internal library.

Core Competencies:

Experience developing virtual production projects, games, applications, or VR/AR experiences using Unreal Engine

Passionate about real-time rendering and computer graphics technology.

Excellent communication skills and able to work effectively across multiple teams.

Solid organization skills with adherence to coding standards and other established protocols. (Comfortable with version control and CI)

Independent, self-driven, able to effectively meet deadlines.

Solid grasp of HLSL and Python

Experience with DX12 + DXR or other modern graphics APIs is very valuable

BA in related fields or equivalent experience

Proficiency with C++ and OOP a plus

Preferred Competencies:

High level of problem solving and creative thinking skills.

Strong English communication skills.

Ability to quickly learn and leverage new software.

Time management and organizational skills.

Strong teamwork and interdisciplinary thinking.

Keen artistic eye.

​Who we are:

Distillery VFX is a full-service boutique visual effects studio in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and an ensemble of experienced compositors and 3D generalists focused on delivering high-end environment and compositing work. Our namesake is derived from our team’s deepest core value: to refine our processes and workflows to their purest and most efficient forms.