Lead VFX Artist, Unannounced Project
Blizzard Entertainment
Irvine, CA
Event Type
Job Posting
TimeMonday, 9 August 20217am - 8am PDT
DescriptionWe’re a new and ambitious team looking for a versatile and creative lead VFX artist to help us build a new unannounced project for Blizzard Entertainment. Your goal is to bring all forms of real-time VFX to life and push the visual development of a new game. Ultimately, you’re combining inspiring art with incredible gameplay while actively collaborating and thriving on a diverse team.


Drive and develop an artistic vision of hand-crafted VFX to be used in real-time game assets.
Paint VFX textures from scratch and combine traditional hand-crafted art techniques with next gen shaders and materials to create a unique visual style for all types of VFX (magic, water, fire, smoke, etc.).
Coordinating with art leads, design, and production to help plan and accomplish the strategic goals of the VFX art team.
Lead a team of artists and be an active participant in team discussions, critiques, and reviews to ensure timely completion of VFX assets on style and at the desired quality bar.
Provide technical setup, integration, and troubleshooting of performant VFX in a real-time game engine.
Working knowledge of 3D rendering engines and experience designing VFX shaders, particle systems, physics, ribbons, shaders, etc.
As the team grows, help build a VFX team of highly talented artists who would thrive on the team and at the company.
Having solid game design awareness and being an exceptional game design-oriented collaborator.
Partner with other artists, designers, and tech artists to collaborate on creative solutions to solve complex VFX pipeline problems for this new Blizzard experience.
Document and communicate specifications and visual benchmarks to support the games artistic vision to both internal and external artists.


7+ years professional experience as a VFX artist and/or art lead and you specialize in using Maya, Photoshop, and in game VFX systems.
Exceptional understanding of next generation asset creation and VFX pipelines and tools.
You have experience shipping a game as an art lead or art director where you helped oversee the quality, scheduling, and implementation of a large portion of the VFX development on a game art team.
You’ve hired exceptionally talented artists onto a team and helped them “learn and grow” through constructive art feedback and coaching.
You have an exceptional understanding of the role VFX have in gameplay and you know how to use color, shape, timing, rhythm, and readability to create compelling, memorable, and performant VFX.
Proven problem-solving/prototyping ability for the early game development process as well as an eye for polish and detail for final production.
Able to effectively collaborate with every department of a game development team (game designers, programmers, tech art, animation, etc.).
You’re a positive, proactive problem-solver and help lead by example while contributing to the studio culture with the actions you take on the team.
You love video games, movies, animation, and love dissecting them while thinking how to take them to the next level.
You have a passion for Blizzard games and understand the unique approach to creating Blizzard art for our game universes.


Portfolio – Only digital applications will be accepted such as a website, blog, or online album. Physical media will not be accepted.
An art test might be required