An Introduction to Python Scripting in Autodesk Maya
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DescriptionThis course provides a brief interactive introduction to Python scripting in Autodesk Maya. The magic of scripting allows efficient automation of repetitive tasks. Attendees will leave with an understanding of what is possible in scripting and with enough knowledge to build scripts into their own workflows.
Prerequisites None. No knowledge of programming is assumed, but a basic understanding would be helpful.
Intended Audience This course is for anyone interested in getting started with computer programming, specifically, the Python scripting in Maya. The audience would like to have the skills to automate repetitive or intricate tasks, tasks that could be prohibitively time-consuming by hand but (almost) trivial to script using Python and Maya. The intended audience would be interested in learning how to write their own basic scripts and have a solid foundation for building their programming skills. I am currently teaching (a version of) this course to university freshmen with no expected coding experience a we meet once per week for 50 minutes (it's a one-credit course) a they really love connecting the coding to the visuals. I feel a whirlwind tour of what I am teaching over the semester can fit into three hours and give the audience an opportunity to see what is possible with scripting.