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Scientific Visualization
Visual Effects
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Production & Animation
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TimeMonday, 9 August 202111:30am - 12pm PDT
DescriptionThis course will cover the latest developments and tools in the open source library OpenVDB. To mention just a few, this includes GPU support thought NanoVDB, new tools to compute SDFs and extend properties off surfaces, a JIT scripting language dubbed AX , novel optimization techniques, and numerous production examples.
Prerequisites A rudimentary knowledge of typical workflows for volumetric modeling and/or simulations, e.g., voxels, iso-surfaces, level sets, and voxelization. Knowledge of C++ also is advantageous but by no means required.
Intended Audience This course is targeting both practitioners of OpenVDB, e.g., FX artists, and also software engineers who wish to use our library in their own software projects.