A Whirlwind Introduction to Computer Graphics
Level Beginner
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Educator's Forum
This session WILL be recorded.
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Research & Education
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TimeTuesday, 10 August 20212pm - 2:30pm PDT
DescriptionRather than kicking new attendees off the dock and expecting them to swim at SIGGRAPH, the Whirlwind Introduction course’s purpose is to give anyone who wants it a base background in the concepts and terminology that they need to get more from the different venues in the conference.
Prerequisites None.
Intended Audience I propose that the WICG be free and open to anyone, with or without a registration: attendees, friends of attendees, family members, exhibitors, etc. The goal is to make SIGGRAPH more understandable and enjoyable, no matter who you are. This will be especially good for novice attendees and educators of all levels.