An Introduction to Deep Learning on Meshes
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Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
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TimeFriday, 13 August 202112:30pm - 1pm PDT
DescriptionThe success of deep learning has raised significant interest in applying it to meshes, the most popular representation for shapes in computer graphics. This course aims to cover existing solutions, open problems, and equip readers with sufficient tools for using deep learning techniques on meshes.
Prerequisites Basic knowledge about geometry processing on meshes is assumed. Readers are expected to have a basic understanding of the mesh representation and how it can be used in a standard geometry processing pipeline.
Intended Audience The target audience of this course includes graduate students, researchers, and practitioners in geometry processing who are drawn to the advancements of deep learning but lack the necessary tools to incorporate deep learning in their research problems. Our goals are to (i) provide a valuable resource that equips geometry processing researchers with the tools of deep learning; (ii) introduce hands-on exercises of practical applications of deep learning on meshes; (iii) release an open source and online version to benefit the community for years to come.