Multiplayer Retro Web-based Game Development [CANCELLED]
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DescriptionLearn how to develop multiplayer online games using web-based tools, such as Javascript, NodeJS, and HTML/CSS that are interactive, fun, and engaging.
Prerequisites Projector and a high-performance computer (with access to the internet).
Intended Audience This course is designed for anyone who wants to get started developing multiplayer online games that are interactive and dynamic. Participants will learn how to design and build fully responsive and interactive web-based games that are both fun and dynamic (and extensible). The course introduces basic concepts and features, from responsive web design and server-side technologies (NodeJS) through to the latest Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3 technologies. Examples: * Academics: The course would provide insightful examples and material to help teachers, instructors or anyone involved in education and learning to develop bespoke interactive learning solutions (e.g., game-based projects to teach students mathematics, physics or programming principles in a creative and fun way) * Hobbiests: The course offers multiple projects to help beginners master the topic of web technologies by implementing and enhancing simple self contained retro games (fun factor). * Web-Artists/Designers: The course provides information and insights on how to stretch what the capabilities of websites, e.g., programmatically alter the content on the fly, interact and explore web content in new and interesting ways and more. This course will open attendees mind to new ideas, while giving them the opportunity to acquire new skills and extensive knowledge. The material is practical based enabling them to take a hands-on approach to creating demos/and working solutions that they can use in the real-world (i.e., not just theory)