Q&A: Workshop: Realtime Architecture Perspectives [CANCELLED]
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TimeMonday, 9 August 20219am - 10am PDT
DescriptionIn this workshop, Jean-Michel Blottière of the RealTime Conference and Alex Coulombe of Agile Lens present speakers from this year's Inspiring Architects track of RTC 2021. With the larger theme of this April's conference being "The Rise of the Metaverse," the speakers discuss how realtime technology has actively changed architecture workflows and the resulting physical creations. They draw comparisons between older methods of previz and design review, and speculate on what the future may hold. Does realtime technology help to create happier, healthier environments? Do clients and users have a better understanding of what they are getting earlier in the design process? Are more speculative industries like video games and film affecting architecture more than ever before? Will we ever reach a day when pressing ‘Render’ will construct an entire building? All this and more is covered.

Full details on these speakers can be found at: and filtering by Track, "Inspiring Architects."

This track was co-curated and co-hosted by Kim Baumann Larsen of Dimension Design, and the participants include: Jeff Mottle, David Tracy, James Dodson, Avishag Shemesh, Arie Croitoru, Nikos Nikolopoulos, Alex McDowell, Kerenza Harris, Eric Hanson, and Chris Nichols.