Interaction @ SIGGRAPH
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DescriptionWhat is the future of Interaction at Siggraph?

SIGGRAPH is marketed as the premier conference and exhibition in computer graphics and interactive technology. However the proportion of interactive content presented at SIGGRAPH has reduced over time, especially for technical papers. Ten years ago Bill Buxton noted that in the 1980's graphics and input were equally represented at SIGGRAPH, but now much of the conference is focusing on graphics. Despite this, there are more technologies available than ever before to create innovative interactive experiences.

This workshop explores Interaction at SIGGRAPH. Researchers in interface and interaction design will speak about the history of interaction at SIGGRAPH and what we can learn from the past to create great contributions in the future. They will discuss new trends in interaction research that could be seen in upcoming SIGGRAPH conferences and efforts made to increase interactive content in recent SIGGRAPH conferences. Finally, there will be a discussion with the audience about what SIGGRAPH could be doing to increase interactive content.

The workshop for those interested in the past, present and future of interaction research at SIGGRAPH. The session will be a mixture of pre-recorded videos and live panel and discussion session.