From STEAM to Dream: College to Career Connections with Latinx Technical Directors
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Diversity Equity & Inclusion Summit
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TimeTuesday, 10 August 202110am - 11am PDT
DescriptionTechnical Directors are critical to any show or feature department. The swiss army knife of the animation industry, TD's often work across multiple integral pipeline departments.

When most people think of careers in animation, they don’t always think of TD's. This pathway can even go further unnoticed among communities that are frequently underrepresented in the animation and technology industries, especially people of color. Latinx people make up 17% of the US workforce, but they hold only 8% of STEM jobs. Going from STEM to careers in animation requires a strong support system, a broad knowledge base, and the opportunity to know this option even exists.

To shed light on this unique and often overlooked career, LXiA's panel will focus on TD's in animation as well as highlighting the pathways these professionals took to jumpstart their careers.

Noé Martinez
Carlos Cabral
Serena Kolodin
Nafisa Baker