DNEG VFX showcase
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Computer Animation Festival - Electronic Theater
Film and TV
Visual Effects
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Arts & Design
Gaming & Interactive
Production & Animation
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TimeWednesday, 11 August 202111:10am - 11:14am PDT
Lead Creator DNEG
Studio/Organization Affiliation(s) DNEG
Synopsis At DNEG we believe in the positive power of storytelling. We are celebrating over 20 years of Award-winning visual effects. Enjoy our DNEG 2021 VFX showcase!
Country(s) of Origin UK
DescriptionGo behind the spectacle. From the Oscar-nominated ‘TENET’ to the BAFTA-nominated ‘Greyhound’, DNEG’s technological artistry shapes the future of storytelling. With electric moments from ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, ‘Star Trek: Discovery Season 3’ and many more, this reel celebrates DNEG’s latest accomplishments in Film and Television.