Stormzy - Superheroes
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Computer Animation Festival - Electronic Theater
Film and TV
Visual Effects
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Arts & Design
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Production & Animation
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TimeWednesday, 11 August 202111:55am - 11:59am PDT
Lead Creator Taz Tron Delix
Studio/Organization Affiliation(s) 2veinte, COMPULSORY
Synopsis We are all superheroes. Stormzy helps us discover that everyone has their own unique super powers, no matter how mundane or boring they may seem. The world can be a truly amazing place when we realise our full potential - dreams really can come true - sometimes we need a little encouragement.
Country(s) of Origin United Kingdom, Argentina
DescriptionStormzy is an everyday superhero, helping a young black boy discover his superpowers, expressed through visuals influenced by Disney and Pixar. Superpowers are shown in a surreal, yet genuine manner to remind and reinforce the young generation that they are black, beautiful and brave.