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Birds of a Feather

SIGGRAPH attendees come together for graphics-related, attendee-organized, informational Birds of a Feather sessions on the hot topics of today and tomorrow.

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Call for Submissions

Submit to Birds of a Feather

To be considered, Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions must be:

  • Related to computer graphics or interactive techniques
  • Open to all registered SIGGRAPH 2021 attendees
  • Non-commercial in nature (topics specific to one commercial product or company are not allowed)
  • Free of recruitment, sales, product tutorials, or company promotion
  • Free of charge (exception can be made for official reunions)

SIGGRAPH 2021 Birds of a Feather are non-juried, attendee-organized sessions. Content is subject to approval based on the criteria above. BOF sessions may only be submitted and hosted by SIGGRAPH 2021 participants with an attendee registration. Members of the press interested in running a BOF session must register as an attendee. A media registration may not be used to host a BOF session.

Questions? Please contact for additional information.

Session Submissions

  • BOF session requests can be made through the SIGGRAPH 2021 website until 4 August 2021. After 4 August BOFs can be setup in the “Meeting” room in the virtual platform.
  • Before submitting, ensure all the information in your submission is accurate and complete. Missing information will delay processing your request. It is recommended that you fill out the key words and interest areas on the submission form to attract your preferred audience.
  • Each event requires its own submission form, even if it is from the same submitter/organization.
  • BOFs will be scheduled from 9–13 August 2021.
  • All BOFs will be scheduled via Zoom rooms through the virtual conference platform.
  • BOFs are limited to two hours.
  • Registration: A Basic registration is required for all BOF organizers, speakers and attendees. Please visit SIGGRAPH 2021 to register.
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If your request is received and approved by 4 August, you will receive an email acknowledgment.

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Event Publication

Upon approval, all BOF event information will be published by date and time on the SIGGRAPH 2021 website and the virtual platform.

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ASCAP and BMI are membership associations of U.S. composers, songwriters, and publishers of every kind of music. Whenever music (recorded or live) is played at an event, a license must be purchased from these associations. The license purchase is the responsibility of the BOF organizer.

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Exhibitor Space

Exhibitors cannot request BOFs for commercial presentations.  Contact for commercial presentations.

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