Phanuthep Sutthithepthamrong
Phanuthep is an award-winning Thai film director, a professional VFX artist, an animator, an art director, and a cinematographer. He has over two decades of experience in animation and film. His innovative creations can be found in PlayStation games, commercials, music videos, visual effects in films, animation series, and animated feature films.
In 2004, Phanuthep won the Festival Director’s Choice Award at the Portland Indy Animation Film Festival for his 3D animation, Mob City. In 2012, his short film, World’s End, was an official selection of several International Film Festivals.
Recently, Phanuthep won Merit Animated Short at Cinemafest in New York and Best Animated Short from Picasso Einstein Buddha International for his animated short film, The Story of Buddha Catu Parisa.
As a filmmaker, an artist and an innovator, Phanuthep believes that film should constantly evolve in its depiction of human stories.
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