Talk: How Humans Judge Machines
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TimeThursday, 12 August 20217am - 7:30am PDT
DescriptionHow would you feel about losing your job to a machine? How about a tsunami alert system that fails? Would you react differently to acts of discrimination performed by a machine or a human? How about public surveillance? How Humans Judge Machines is a peer-reviewed book (MIT Press, 2021) comparing people’s reactions to actions performed by humans and machines. Using data collected in dozens of experiments, this book reveals the biases that permeate human machine interactions. Are there conditions in which we judge machines unfairly? Is our judgment of machines affected by the moral dimensions of a scenario? Is our judgment of machine correlated with demographic factors, such as education or gender? Using randomized experiments, the book creates revealing counterfactuals and statistical models to explain how people judge A.I., and whether we do it fairly or not. How Humans Judge Machines can be also read for free at (in print with MIT Press).